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Add Simple contact form with spam protection to your blog

Contact Us Form Builder
In this post I going to show you how to add contact form in your blog. contact forms enable readers to out blog to send us emails without having to knowing our email address to potential spammers. I am using Google docs contact form on my blog but Google docs form have not protection against spamming so decide to add kontactr free form to our blog. recently kontactr added captcha function to their forms which makes more protection against spamming. in kontactr form we also make change in form appearance which suite with our website or blog. in this tutorial I have a better way which can help blogger user about adding contact form and how to customize it. so lets start the tutorial.

Create your Kontactr account which is free of cost.

1. Go to Kontactr Website
Kontactr Signup
2. click on signup now button.
Kontactr Signup form
3. Fill the required fields. YOUR NAME, USERNAME, YOUR VALID EMAIL, PASSWORD and click on sign up button.
4. when you submit your signup request you need validate your free account before using kontactr contact form.
5. Go to your inbox and verify your ownership of kontactr free account.
6. once you verify your account login with your account and get your free contact form.
Note:- you can create only one contact form for each email account.
7. login with your username and password you can see windows like this. click on customize link and customize your contact form.
Contact form customization
8. change colors, Background color, text color, box text color, change these colors with your blogger template color. and get form code below Ajax widget  which I showing above.
and now time to add contact to your blog. go to your blogger dashboard>> pages>> new page and choose black page for text or media.
Html Area
9. copy the Ajax widget code and paste in blogger html tab. and click on preview if preview is looking good then click on save and enjoy your free contact form.
the details used to submit the contact form will emailed to the address which you used for signup. and kontactr cant save any of your personnel data. and I am very excited with kontactr free simple form offer. thanks for reading our post if you have a any trouble with doing this….
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