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How to Add Stylish table in your blogger post

Table Screeen Shoot
In this post I am going to explain you how to add stylish table in blogger with CSS. Adding table In blogger post is very difficult  for blogger beginner users.The ability to create tables is a feature that is lacking in Blogger post editor. To add a table you not only have to know the required HTML tags, but also have to painstakingly construct the table by arranging the tags manually in post HTML.
You can add stylish table in your post by adding little CSS codes in you blogger Tamplate.

Step 1. First You Need Add CSS in your blogger Template.
Step 2. Add HTML Code in Your Post.
Note:- You Can Make Changes in style sheet.
Table Width, Headings Background, Borders, by changing color code in Table CSS. check out our Color Code Generator Tool.

Step 1.

Make sure you have your Template Backup. (how to make a template backup)
1. Go to your blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Proceed>> press CTRL+F and search this code. (how to find code using search bar)
2. and Paste this CSS Code Before/above ]]></b:skin>
font-family:Maven Pro;

#customer th 
font: Yanone Kaffeesatz;

font-family: Maven Pro;
#customers td 
border:1px solid #cd0237;
padding:3px 7px 2px 7px;
#customers th 
border: 1px solid #cd0237;
#customers tr.alt td 

Click on preview button and see your blog live. if all Element view is correct like adding before Css then click on save.
you can Change Font style, Background, Border Color, Text Color, by changing highlighted Code.
Font: Red
Background: Green
Border: Orange
Table Text Color: Blue
That’s it your Table Style Sheet is Ready Before Doing This.

For More information about HTML and CSS
I am not professional in CSS or HTML but I have a little knowledge about that. I am not learn this languages professionally but when I reading online content daily so I am getting very useful knowledge about CSS and HTML. W3School  is the best website for learning CSS, HTML,  XML, JAVASCRIPT, VB, JQUERY, PHP and all  programming languages. you can learn all languages in free on me also HTML, CSS, XML on I hope this information useful for blogger new users which can’t have knowledge about this  Online Programming Languages School and I am very excited about this web becoz this is totally free.
If you have any trouble or question. Please leave your comments below in comment box. thanks for reading our post.

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