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Google Adsense Guide lines monetizing from flash Gaming sites

download In these days Playing Flash Games online is very important for time pass on your computer. People Love Playing These Small games online just to take their minds turn for Entertainment. A Lot of fun enjoyed by playing Flash racing games that too Flash car games online are rather more popular among the youngsters especially boys. The reason behind this is the youngsters are more passionate regarding the speed. Play Flash car games is the most enjoyable regardless of the age. The match with several tracks with increased difficulties is the choice of youngsters. Rally type of contests is also popular due to various rides through roads. Dirt biking is one more type of racing car games which is found to be popular among people. There are also a lot of dedicated flash gaming websites out there, and the seem to be making quite some money out there ( this not bad idea for a new blog niche) For the Flash gaming  blog or website owner like to put flash game to their site, Google is announce few guide lines for monetizing from your website.


Distance between Ads and Flash Games

animated ads sections is confuse people if ads are placed near to flash game. Some Games require Frantic clicking, which leads user to click outside the flash content. which means user accidental clicks on ads instead of the flash content are inevitable.

All of this leads to invalid click activity, If Google see invalid activity on your site your Google account is getting banned. to avoid getting banned from Adsense, it is very important that you keep a distance of at least 150 pixels between flash content and ads. Google also make a screenshot for placing ads for flash gaming site. see screenshot below. Placing ads left method is wrong and right method is right.

flash games


Policy Adsense For Games

You can monetize Flash games, however Google policies do not permit monetizing games with sexual or violent content. Google doesn't allow you to add sexually explicit or profane content on your flash content. It's family safety rules are pretty strict about such things.

AdSense for games (AFG) is a product designed specifically for the monetization of Flash games. Using AdSense for content (AFC) ads as a pre-roll before, or mid-roll during a Flash game, is against Google policies, as the product was not created for this kind of an implementation. If you wish to use Google ads as a pre-roll to your game, please apply for AFG. For more information about AFG, please visit Google  Help Center. Source Adsense Blog

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