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How to Verify your website and add a sitemap to google webmaster tools

how to submit sitemap to google Creating a sitemap helps search engines better crawl and categorize your site. You can easily create and verify a sitemap for any of your publicly viewable Google Sites through Google Webmaster Tools.
A Sitemap is a listing of your site's pages that you can submit to Google and other search engines. This list can help search bots understand your site structure and may make crawls of your site by search bots more efficient. There is a number of ways to generate a sitemap for blogs and websites, here on blogger generating a sitemap and submitting it to Google can be done in 5 minutes and can be achieved by even the least experienced Blogger. Google will check the sitemap and begin indexing your site as soon as it's determined the sitemap has no errors. There are several steps that you need to follow in order to verify your website with Google. The first step will be setting up a free account with Google Webmaster Tools. Then you can add the meta verification tag, and submit your sitemap within your Google Webmaster Tools account. The following Screenshots will walk you through the process of placing the verification code. See screenshots below for further instructions.

In First Step You will need to verify your website in webmaster tools.

1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools  using the same account information you use to sign in to Gmail or other Google Product.
2. Click "Add a site.
add a site 3. Enter the base URL of your Google Site in the box that pops up, then click "Continue."
Click on Continue4. On the following page, select the radio button next to Add a meta tag to your site's home page.
Altnernative methods 5. Click on Alternate Methods like screenshot above.
6. Click on HTML TAG circle like screen shoot below you will see HTML META TAG For verification your website or blog.
Check the HTML Tag Circle 
7. Copy the meta tag (for example, <meta name="google-site-verification" content="z5mJLjVGtEe5qzCefW1pamxI7H46u19n4XnxEzgl1AU" />) from the Instructions box.
8. In a new browser window or tab, navigate to the Google Site you wish to verify. (You will need to go back to the Webmaster Tools page, so do not close it.)
9. Paste Meta Tag after opening “<head>” Section.
Click "Save changes."
Go back to the Webmaster Tools page where you copied the meta tag.
Click "Verify." and you're done!!!!

Submitting your sitemap


1. Go To Your Webmaster Tools Dashboard>> Optimization >>

2. Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP Button

3. and paste your sitemap in input blank field.. 

Check out The Free Sitemap Generator Tools or PHP Sitemap Generator.
Now that Google knows where your site is and what's on it, it will be better able to index the pages (include them in search results). It will still take some time for your site to show up, but be sure and log in to your Webmaster Tools account regularly to see what you can do to improve your site's rankings.

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