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Has Social Media Became Too Big?

Hows Social Media Becomes Most PopularGuest Post - Our host is Eric Santos, (Has explained Social Popularity.)The spawning of internet has led to the explosion of social media because many people are joining it in hordes. With over a billion members, sites such as face book have become overcrowded. Many companies are jostling for marketing space in the online sphere and the techniques of attracting the users are becoming stale. The Saturation of the market calls for innovative methods which could attract traffic to the website. Recent Market research has shown that the fan base of major companies on social media is dwindling. Many corporations are trying to devise new strategies for retaining the users and adding new ones.

In past people used the advertising platform as a means to enhance the customer base because it ensured round the clock presence. The medium is losing its sheen because people are indifferent towards the advertisement appearing in the sponsored section. Companies are making it more complex; however it does not have any results. Therefore, they are focusing on enhancing the ranking of the website in the organic search engine listings.

Initially an explosive growth of the social media buoyed the people to extend the number of followers; nevertheless it has only become a numbers game because many people are not even bothered about the regular updates. Apps like DWIBBLES ( dwibbles ), Prismatic (getprismatic) could become solution for the users because it is tailor made for them by customizing the updates that users actually want to see. Undesired updates are rejected by the application because they are too many and tend to clutter the mindset. Apps like DWIBBLES are  responsible for bringing in new and relevant feeds to the users. 


The ticker and the graph are introduced by the face book to ensure that organic sharing is accomplished without pushing a button. Using a third party application, one can limit the number of updates to a great extent. To enhance the customer base, one has to be innovative and make the people interactive on the status updates. Although, a community might have many members but all of them are not interested in the products or services unless they are cajoled into.


The solution is not to acquire the different platforms but deploy novel ideas to attract the number of followers. They should be responsive unlike the present scenarios where their interaction is limited to only the likes on the updates.  Photo sharing is one of the best methods to inculcate interest among the users so that they could participate in discussion.

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