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Blogger Navigation (Pagination) Buttons Free Download

Blogger_pagination_Buttons_The role and purpose of icons is user interaction is very important these days.  Icons can enhance the user experience and user friendly icons are really appreciative but they should be unique and easy to understand. There are so many icon websites available on the web but what we are presenting here is only high quality blogger pagination buttons pack. Since most of appreciated the Read More Buttons, Download, Upload Buttons. I thought why not create some buttons for the Newer, Older and home Links that appear below each posts in Blogger. I have created various 40 flavors of these buttons and I hope you will like them. This set consists of 40 Image Button Sets termed as Previous, Home and Next and categorized according to size as small, medium and large. In This Tutorial We are  also learn how to change older, Newer and home link with image buttons.


My blogger tricks icon pack


Download Button Pack


The huge pack of 40  buttons come in Corel Draw CDR format and PNG format. The font used in the buttons is Segoe UI Light, an easily available font in every system, and you can customize the font and text including size and color. Stay Tuned For more updates.

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