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what is External Links and how are they effect on pagerank

External Links Symbol An external link is a hyperlink that points to another website on the internet, normally on another domain from the current website. Your linking tactic should include what types of sites you will and will not link to as well as how many external links there should be on any given page. External links are important to web pages because they provide additional information and give your audience a scope of resources to follow. External links on your site become backlinks for the sites you link to. And many sites are more likely to link to you if you link to them first. In this article we will Tech you briefly What links you need to nofollow and which links you must do follow.


Which of External Links Effect Your Page Ranking 

Many web Developer are hesitant to use them because they feel that they will harm their site in some way.

  • Customers will leave the site and never come back.
    • According to Google, you should not link to bad neighborhoods. They are bad websites that Google doesn’t like them. For example link scheme, FFA or free for all, spam, scam and … websites. Linking to such websites will hurt your website ranking and PageRank.
    • You should not link to off-topic websites. If your website is about “Blogging”, you should link to Blogging related websites or blogs not health, beauty and weight loss websites. Linking to off-topic websites will hurt your website ranking and PageRank.
    • You should not link to the websites that are known as the bad or suspected websites by SiteAdvisor.
    • I shouldn't link to sites with lower PageRank than my site.

When a website or blog links to your website or blog, search engines interpret that as a real-life vote of confidence that your website can provide some sort of expertise or further explanation of a topic being discussed on the your blog or a website. Search engine algorithms attempt to ‘read’ human behavior when they decide where a page surfaces in the search engine results page.  So naturally, they are going to favor what someone else says about you over what you say about yourself on your own site. Hence, external inbound links into your site are going to carry far more SEO weight than the internal links you provide on your page.  But every SEO link strategy needs to incorporate both.


This is true that the websites that have more related information for your visitors are all your competitors but  you should provide your visitors with links to the other resources. This will make your website helpful and supportive for users. Websites of the same niche are like the members of a union. They should know each other as the co-workers not competitors. They are a group of people who have common interests, skills and abilities. So they can help each other.


Is using the rel=”nofollow” attribute good?

The rel=”nofollow” attribute prevents the search engines spiders to follow a link to the target page or website. If you add the rel=”nofollow” to a hyperlink, it will not have any link popularity credit and value for the link target page. Google created this attribute to prevent spamming in public places like weblogs that people can add links by themselves. This is a good way to prevent spamming but you should not use this attribute in the external links that you add by yourself.


Did You Know Why?

Linking to on-topic websites or blog will not only provide more useful information and resources to users but will improve your website PageRank. Your website users will have no idea about the rel=”nofollow” attribute you add in the external links because it doesn’t make any changes in the links functions and appearance. But in fact, when you have the rel=”nofollow” attribute in a link, search engines can not see it and so they can not know that you have linked to an on-topic website. So you should use the rel=”nofollow” attribute in the pages that users can add their links by themselves.


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This aticle is made informative as possible. So, did you like these tips, or would like to add something to them? Feel free to post your msg into the comments section below. Stay Tuned for more updates. Cheer :)

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