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how to create popular blog?

blogging-blog2 Guest Post - Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at how to create popular blog. See How To Become a guest author. Nowadays blogging is the most successful and effective technique of site promotion or way to earn money from advertising. The main features of blog are: (1) frequently updated content. (2) content shared in social network. According to the Google Ranking article, unique, valuable and willing to be shared content is the most important factor of quality site. So lots of webmasters came up with the idea of creating blog, consequently, this niche became very competitive. It's quite difficult to create something exclusive and interesting taking into account huge variety of different blogs.

There are some tips how to reach success in blogging.


1). Content

As it was said a dozen times before, content is the king. Articles should be interesting for target audience at the first place, but don't be obvious, be creative, cover significant problem within the industry, contain the examples. Besides, future prospective should be considered as well. The point is that as time passes and the blog will appear in the top of Google search, content should remain actual.

Examples of blog content:


  • Ratings: the most popular bloggers, films, songs, the most visited sites, forums, countries, the best tools for back links checking, sites promotion, bulk mailing, soil irrigation, and so on.
  • Top lists of whatever is interesting for target audience: top list of on-line casino, Iphone apps, forums with do-follow links etc.
  • "How to" advices: how to increase PR, cook a pie, write a song, and so on.
  • "100 ways of...": winning in casino, get married, promote website, etc.
  • Reviews of latest novices within the industry, for example, new devices or tools.
  • Comments of the most interesting news within the industry. Good analytics is professional. News rewriting will never drive traffic.
  • Tests.
  • Guides.

Optimize for search engines

As I mentioned above Google is the number 1 traffic referrer to most blogs. When you are first starting out, it won’t be that way, but in the long run you’ll notice that your Google traffic will continually go up. Since a good chunk of your traffic will come from Google, it’s important that you optimize your blog for search engines.


2). Comments

Support blog commenting, reply on every comment. Engagement with users contributes to attracting more traffic and sharing content in social networks. Leaving "catchy" and a little bit provocative comments is effective way to drive attention to certain post.


3). Special offers and free staff

Provide something free every month. It can be coupons, for instance, if you sell something, or software, or design patterns. Infographics are very popular nowadays. They are simple to create and can be good bonuses for users.


4). Encourage users to promote the blog in social networks

Competition in Twitter or Facebook is an example of encouragement. If you are a newcomer and do not have concerned friends and followers, ask users to share links of the blog for coupons, for example.


5). Promote your blog with guest blogging

Find relevant visited blogs and write several guest posts. If you drive attention as an author, users will click the link to your own blog below the post.


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