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How To Delete or Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook-users-can-now-delete-Search-History-2When you do Facebook search and you see your partner ex profile or the other way,  even you see your old friend profile when you delete him and they both are not in your life right now. You must see the date you had share with them. when you share something on his/her wall like a song, dirty pic and some snaps may be you had together. The Social Network Facebook stores every single term you enter in the search box. Although the privacy setting for this data is set to "only you," you may feel uncomfortable having that info hanging around. If so, you still never know when your friends might get into your account, Which is something  you definitely don't want!. It's a simple process to delete it and clear your creeper Facebook search history. If anyone check your wall or your Facebook search history you must feel embarrass to yourself. If you had share something nice to your lover you feel happy and sad to remember that.  So you don't want to remember your idiot mistakes you had that time.


I Think Now your final step is deleting your Facebook search history.


If you want to delete your Facebook Search History,  just follow the steps below.


  • Open your Activity Log. You can be found by going Timeline or wall, and clicking on the Activity Log button underneath your cover photo.



  • Next just Look to your left sidebar, and under "Photos", and "Likes", you'll see a "More" button. Click on “more” Link.



  • Find Search from the list. It'll be at the end of list. by clicking on search link it will show you everything you've searched for.



  • Only you can see your searches, and they're used to show you more relevant results. You will also see an option to Clear Searches at the top of page.


Are you sure you want to clear all your searches? Just click on Clear Searches, and your entire search history will be removed without any doubt.


Note:- Once you go ahead with the removed, you can't bring your search history back. So do it only if you have some embarrassing searches to your credit.


More Things About Facebook

In short our point of view is that if you did such kind of mistakes and when  you learn your lesson about your mistakes . you should clear post history from face book and more important is block that person and trying to avoid contact with his/her friends. This how you cover  your mistakes . for future don't do such mistakes because Facebook is a social place and how anyone granted to each other.

In the comments below, let us know if you plan to delete your Facebook search history, or if you find it useful. if you have any question, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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