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How To Make Keywords Work

seo-keywords-searchGuest Post - Our host is Maria Smith (Marketing Director) who takes a look at how to make keywords work. See How To Become a guest author.
Needless to say that keywords is significant aspect of website optimization. Keywords perform navigation function for search engines as well as for users. Thanks to keywords search engines match up sites content with search query and show the website in search list. Keywords should correspond with searches as accurately as possible to provide the site with top position in search ranking. Of course, there are a lot of other factors that impact on search ranking except keywords and searches accordance, but I want to pay attention to this crucial search ranking factor. Let's see what types of keywords exist.

Types of keywords

1) Head queries are the most frequent. Usually consist of 2 words. Head queries are used by trusted respected and the most popular resources and market leaders. It's quite difficult and has no reason to begin website optimization with this type of queries. Popular 2 words query will never bring a new website to the top. That's why second type of keywords is in field of interest.
2) Tail queries usually consist of 3 and more words or even can be a phrase. This type of keyword is characterized by low frequency of queries per month, but can be effective for optimization at the beginning. Long-tail keyword allows to appear in the top of search quite fast. Moreover, long-tail keyword is the way of fast optimization of blogs and informative sites.

How to select right keywords?

The main problem is to choose right keyword. Success of site promotion primary depends on solving this problem. Along with their main goal, keywords should bring traffic and increase conversion.
First, there are a lot of tools such as Semrush, Word stream, Word Tracker that allow to suggest possible keyword options and analyze competitors keyword. But the best tactic is to come into your potential client world and imagine what queries he uses. The most valuable factor for selecting keywords is human element. So suggested queries should be as natural as possible. List of 20 the most common queries is enough for initial analyze. Initial analyze can be done manually without keyword checkers. Just put keyword in search field and find out variations and main competitors. Manual analyze allows to estimate situation better. Tools are needed for comprehensive keyword investigation.

What keywords variations should be in the list?

✔ all names of service/product/blog name including short forms, slang, professional terms etc.
✔ names of elements/parts/ingredients, if it's possible
✔ detailing solutions, for instance, for SEO service it can be "keyword optimization", "link building", "Internet marketing" and so on.
✔ characteristic of product or service, for example, "High Quality Backlinks"or "effective SEO".

After creating a list of keywords and using mentioned tools, you will get information about which suggested words are head queries, which ones are used by competitors to select the most suitable ones. Ideally, final list of keywords for optimization should consist of 10-30 words.

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