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How To Setup Facebook Page And Drive Engagement

People_hands_upThis is a Guest Post By Jeson Tailor.
Marketing is the most vibrant aspect of business which needs to maintain a pace with the changing time. As the world is becoming more and more digitalized, social media marketing services are gaining importance like never before. Social media sites are the latest and advance platforms being used for the marketing activities.
Social media sites are proving immensely beneficial to promote the business. Social media sites give you an opportunity to tap the new audience, market your products and services, and expand the business activities accordingly. Due to the numerous benefits that social media sites offer, social media marketing in Toronto is gaining a wide recognition. Almost every organization is taking help of social media marketing services provider to promote their businesses.
Specifically speaking, among the social media sites, Facebook is proving the most useful and profitable site from the business point of view.
There are various reasons why you should consider setting up a Facebook page for promoting your business:-

Huge number of visitors:

Currently, Facebook has more than 1 billion active users from the different pockets of the world. Perhaps, Facebook is the easiest medium to reach such a huge audience which can be converted into your clientele.

Useful for building customer relations:

Along with attracting prospects, Facebook gives you an opportunity to build and maintain a strong relationship with your existing clients, as well. You can maintain a rapport with your customers via Facebook that can help to increase the customer loyalty.

Effective marketing strategies:

On the Facebook, users keep sharing their likes, dislikes, opinions and views about many things. You can use this data to draw your marketing strategies. A marketing strategy based on the reliable database increases the chances of campaign success.

Builds virtual existence:

A Facebook page is useful to build your organization’s virtual existence. These days, for every company, it has become necessary to build and maintain a virtual existence. It makes sure that, regardless of geographical boundaries, your current or potential client gets an access to all information regarding your products and services with just a few clicks of the mouse.

A less expensive tool:

Facebook is comparatively a less expensive tool for social media marketing in Toronto as compared to most of the marketing channels. Hence, even a small scale business organization can make use of it for the business expansion.
By following few simple steps, you can set up a Facebook page for your business:

Signing up on Facebook:

  • Though it is not necessary to have your personal profile on Facebook to set up a Facebook page, it is advised to have a personal account to use all the features. Type in your browser's address bar, and fill the information, such as name, e-mail id, gender, etc, required for signing up.
  • After logged in successfully, go to Here, you will find different business categories. Choose one according to the nature of your business. Then, choose a page name wisely that will represent your business.
  • Describe your business in brief in the space given. You can also upload your company logo. Make sure the brief provided is keyword-rich. Remember to link your website with your Facebook page. It will help to drive traffic.
  • The next few steps, such as liking your own page, inviting e-mail contacts, sharing the status, are not mandatory, and you can skip them. Upload a good cover photo that will represent your business and product line.
  • Click on the edit page if you want to share the additional information about your business with the users. Now your Facebook page is ready.

Driving engagement:

Once your Facebook page is ready, you need to attract the maximum number of users and get likes from them. You have to encourage users to share your postings, comment on your updates as well as visit your website.

Post wisely:

To drive the engagement of users, you need to choose your postings wisely. Understand your audience, their likes, dislikes, and post accordingly. Your postings should be interactive, entertaining and at the same time, informative.

Offer discounts:

You can post some offers on your Facebook page that will tempt users to buy your products. You can offer Facebook discount codes that users can redeem while making a purchase. Try to offer time bound discounts such as 'deal of the day' or 'weekend sale' that will result in spontaneous purchase.

Mention website URL:

Try to mention your website’s URL in your Facebook postings. You can end your post with a sentence such as, ‘to know more, visit’. This will direct Facebook visitors to your website.

Post demos:

You can post the demos, commercials, brochures of your products on the Facebook page. It will create the buzz about your products and services and help to improve sales.

Appoint social media marketing services provider:

You can hire a social media marketing services provider that will apply different SMO and SEO techniques and drive the maximum traffic. For social media marketing in Toronto, you will find many social media marketing services provider; however, choose the most efficient and reliable one that will give you the maximum output.

Author Bio: I am Jeson Tailor. I am working with the CGmentor INC. We provide social media marketing in Toronto I have completed my Graduation in Computer Application. My interests are writing and hearing music.

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