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Effective Methods For Blog Promotion On WordPress


Search promotion of blogs is an important condition of its popularity among users, publicity and high attendance. Those, who has already worked with blogs at WordPress, knows that such blogs are quite flexible in control and if you use some plug-ins for WordPress sensibly, it will be possible to achieve the full-function blog. You can find some effective methods for blog promotion below.


1. To advance the blog in search engines

Search engines are the most valuable source of a unique traffic. Before you offer a search engine your blog WordPress, write some useful and interesting articles on the chosen subject. Every page of the blog has to be already optimized under a certain key inquiry, the graphics on the blog has to have the alternative description, the number of external proceeding links to the other resources has to be a minimum of 3-5 links.


2. Blog promotion in the catalogs

Expediency to advance the blog on WordPress through catalogs is a question now,because of loss of relevance of such way of promotion. Search engines, in most cases, ceased to consider links from catalogs and the only thing that you can get is additional visitors on the blog. Entering the blog in the catalog, never put a back link on the catalog, otherwise, you do not gain any effect from placement of the blog. Add the blog only in the white catalogs, putting direct references and with a manual moderation of sites.


3. Blog addition in ratings of blogs

Sometimes ratings can give a good growth of a traffic for the blog, on conditions that the user finds the interesting and demanded information in the blog. The more visitors come to the blog, the more ratings will be in your blog, consequently, the more target visitors will you have on the site. Add only corresponding subject in the sections, sometimes it is required the channel RSS address.


4. To advance blogs through RSS catalogs and tapes

Popularity of usage the blog promotion by means of news lines via RSS channels, grows, and in this case, you also can advance the blog by using RSS technology.


5. We go to mass and promote the blog on social networks.

In the search of new communities and acquaintances on the social networks people look for each other taking into account common interests and hobbies, and unite for achievement of the same purpose. Social networks are quite popular nowadays that will render a positive effect on the promotion of the blog WordPress. Social networks unite a huge number of the people having a different geographical location, that facilitates the search of adherents, who not only will be able to become constant readers of your blog, but also to help with promotion of the blog.


6. We advance the blog in social laying's

The popularity of social laying's experiences some recession of activity of users, because very often it is not represented a big advantage for users. That is why you should add only useful and interesting material from the blog that can awake users’ interest in it instead of all posts that you have. Otherwise, the search engine decides that it is spam. Links in social laying's perfectly give into indexation by search engines, that begins to work in the shortest period of time, that brings additional visitors to the blog, and back links which will be considered by the search engines.


7. Promotion of the blog with use of paid advertising

I think more than once it was necessary to see advertising blocks of a contextual advertising on other blogs and sites, for example from Google or any other. This way of promotion is most effective in case of involvement of target auditory and probably, will be justified from the financial side of this case, if to apply it to commercial blogs. Though, this advertising will bring only those visitors on your blog, who are interested in your services or a product in reality.


8. Active commenting on other blogs.

Find adherents in the network, find popular blogs in which you can take active part in commenting of posts and participate in the competitions. Intelligent and good comments on the subject, can attract other participants who in turn will glance on your blog.


About the author: Paul Smith is a well-known writer, who are good at SEO, SMO, blog promotion, email marketing and affiliate marketing. Many sites’ owners use his essay writing services to increase the traffic and popularity. You can find him at Google Plus.

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