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Google Launched Certification Program For AdSense Consultants & Service Providers


Since 2003, AdSense has helped publishers from around the globe make a money from there content and grow their online businesses. Making money with YouTube and Google AdSense is a good way to start your incomes online. More then a year's ago Google lunched YouTube Partner Program Features. As a YouTube partner, your eligible videos may earn money from relevant ads after you enable them for monetization. And Now Google is lunched Google AdSense Certified Partner Program to vet consultants and service providers managing AdSense accounts for publishers. If you use AdWords or Analytics, your may familiar with the similar Certified Partner Programs Google Offer for those Products. Once a company has passed the qualification exam and meets all the program requirements, it will have access to AdSense marketing resources and tools, receive the Google AdSense Certified Partner program logo for there own website, as well as being listed on Google’s official AdSense website.


How to Become Google AdSense Certified Partner

If you want become a Partner with Google AdSense You must agree to the Google AdSense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Conditions. so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these policies, Google may revoke your Certified Partner status.


Benefits For Certified Partners.

  • Establish a meaningful business relationship with your clients.
  • Maximize the impact of your hard-earned AdSense expertise to help your publishers and your own business grow.
  • Benefit from Google AdSense training and the usage of the Google AdSense Certified Partner badge in your marketing collateral.
  • Work more efficiently by using our AdSense client management solution to access and optimize your clients' accounts.
  • Establish a relationship with the Google AdSense team and receive insights into the latest features.
  • Gain exposure for your business as a featured Certified Partner on the Google AdSense website.

Google says it has comprehensive training and testing resources available for  interested people in joining the program. According to Google, there are currently 13 active Certified Partners. If you’re a prospective Certified Partner or a publisher interested in the services offered by these Certified Partners, you can visit there program website or Help Center for more information.

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