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How To Check Your Blog DMOZ Listed Or Not Yet

check_dmoz_submissionTill now, you have already learnt, how to submit your blog into DMOZ Open directory. So today, I will show you the way how to check your website DMOZ listed or not yet. You may install browser extension to trace the listing, but it is subject to how fast the provider index those data. DMOZ submission is manage by volunteer, it is very dependent on their free time. Some fast and some slow, another possibility your listing may be rejected. If you are looking for a tool to check your DMOZ listing of your website(s) or blog's, you don’t need to look any further. You are able to check a site’s listing without any tool by make a search hit on DMOZ search box. just follow the steps below and you're done….!!! Enjoy!

How to check it?

Here are the step to determine if your site is listed on
  1. Go to
  2. Use the search function and search for
If you need a tool that can check multiple domains in bulk, you might try this website. Add up to 500 URL’s in the box. You don’t need to add http://www.
In case your site only recently got added to DMOZ, it’s well possible it will show as not listed. An option is to manually search for the site (using the above steps) or to wait a few hours/days. Not listed? Try to add your link to the directory.

Note:- You need to keep in mind is that DMOZ are not providing a service for webmasters to list their sites. DMOZ are providing a service for the end users, the net surfers, the people looking for a site on a topic and then they find DMOZ have catalogued 50 sites for them to choose from.

DMOZ invite submissions but do not guarantee a review in a timely manner, DMOZ do not guarantee that the site will be accepted. If your website/blog are meet with DMOZ Quality guidelines the defiantly your website is approved by DMOZ.  I hope this explains how things work regarding submissions.

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