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How To Submit Your Blog Into DMOZ Open Directory


If you don’t think a link from DMOZ matters, even just a little bit, then you’re simply ignoring the reality of this ancient directory. DMOZ  the Open Directory Project -- is a volunteer-curated directory of millions of websites, indexed according to topic. DMOZ was launched in 1998, and its age, size and quality standards make it one of the more powerful Web directories. Because it has a high Google PageRank, a link from DMOZ may Grow up your blog's PageRank and help it receive more traffic from search engines. But Barry Schwartz share story 1 year ago about a user,(“He said after two years of trying to get a DMOZ link, he got it, Google indexed it but he saw absolutely no ranking improvement after the fact. He feels like all that wait and anticipation, was a huge let down."). Submit your blog/website by Following the steps below.

How Get listed to DMOZ Directory

Step 1. Go to Click a category heading such as "Computers" to indicate the general topic of your blog.

Step 2. Click a subcategory heading such as "Computer Science" or "Internet" to describe the topic of your blog more exactly. Continue this method until you have selected the subcategory that most Strictly matches to your blog's topic's.
In our case.
Computers>> Internet>> Web Design and Development>> Promotion>>Weblogs

Step 3.
1. Click the "Suggest URL" link next to "DMOZ Blog" in the top right corner of the page.
2. This brings you to a new page titled "Submit a Site to the Open Directory." If you could not find a "Suggest URL" link at the top menu of the page, select a more specific subcategory. Because some categories do not have "suggest URL" or "update URL" links. These categories don't accept suggestions, so you should find a more specific category for the site.

Step 4.
Type the address of your blog in the Site URL input field, such as like "(". Click to select the radio button next to (What type of link is this?).

Step 5.
Type the name of your blog in the Title of Site input field.

Step 6.
Next type a description of your blog in Description form, using no more than 25 words. The description should momentarily explain the type of content your blog contains.

Step 7.
Complete the Your Email Address input field to give DMOZ a way to contact you about your listing.

Step 8.
Type the code in the User Verification input field appearing in the image below. This step prevents the DMOZ submission process from being completed by an automated script.

Step 9.
Read the Submission Agreement thoroughly.

Step 10.
Click the Submit button to send your blog to the DMOZ editors for approval. You should now see the message Submission Received. and you are done..!!!!

Wait until you have an established blog with plenty of original content before submitting it to DMOZ. Stay Updated by subscribing our RSS feed for more Special

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