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5 Amazing Tips for Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing



In considering the social strategies often people think about integrating it with websites and other media, but social media integration with email is so important for business development. Here are 5 tips on how to integrate social media with email marketing:

Sending email to existing social committed customers, If you observe market carefully we will find, many brands that are having less visibility to social channels in emails, like in some keys parts with content or all of their social logo at the top or bottom of a email. To really focus on your customer’s social response, try an e- mail that just takes people to a single social presence. For promoting your stuff you need to ensure that you should always send email to the people who have social presence that is most important. Send emails to enterprise customers who are on your LinkedIn page and to your young customers on Facebook or Instagram, this is the way you will continue to communicate with them on the main deck.


Social Email Capture

You will often find client in  your database  that are also followers on social sites, but there will always be people who follow you on social sites that you do not have to do in your database be a particular value , the outlook may not be customers . Involve them in social media in a way that encourages them to specify on your e- mail. Contests, surveys, free eBooks and other free content, often works well.


Use the data

Now that you have a database and e- mail addresses for those who can follow you on social media, you can begin to look at the data. How many people overlap? How many customers? How often social followers buy your products as compared to those who signed up to our e- mail database? What percentage of Facebook fans are the customers for Twitter followers? These questions and answers can be found in the data which will help you to better understand, and inform your clients and prospects and future marketing campaigns.


Make it easy for people to share

The fewer barriers to the exchange of content to overcome the clients, the more they will share. Make sure that the social symbols are clearly visible in the content areas to share. People do not overwhelm yourself with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, MySpace and any other social site under the sun - on what is best for your customers and serve, in emails, if you have dynamic choice.


Use to access social networks

One of the most powerful tools on your customer acquisition is your current customers. People who already buy and love your brand would be happy to share it with your 400 closest friends and family on Facebook, if you just made ​​it easier for them. Select a segment of customers who are really committed to a particular product and incentives to share them on social networks.


Author Bio:

This article is contributed by Bethany Crouch. She is main contributor on leading SEO solutions providing company in California. She has also contributed lot of article on leading social sites about latest technology trends and mobile gadgets.

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