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Creativity Boosters That Will Help You Write Well


Writer's block! Yes, this is one of the problems of almost all writers and bloggers out there. Staring in a blank page is the most frustrating stage of the writing process. Blog content creation is not merely writing down whatever comes to mind. In the blogging world, capturing the interest of the readers and make them engaged on your writing is the main goal. So how are you going to do that? How can you come up with an article or content that can catch the small attention span of picky audience?


A large dose of creativity is the solution to your writing dilemma. If you are in your most creative state of mind, great ideas, amazing concepts, and right words just flow naturally. Sounds easy, right? But it is not. To become creative at all times is easier said than done. You cannot simply say to yourself that "I have to write a blog post so I need to be in my creative self". If you don't want to feel disillusioned, uninspired or just plain bored with your blog or website, then you should stop complaining and just look for a bit of a boost to write.


If you are a newbie blogger or writer, one important thing that you have to work on is to have creativity boosters in writing well-written and thought-provoking content. To help you in constructing great blog posts, here are some useful methods that will boost your creativity in writing:

* Know how to be an interesting writer not in a bizarre and controversial way: Take better risks and write differently

Your writing should be engaging but other than that "YOU", as a blogger/ writer, must be interesting first. You cannot write something worth the attention of others if you are a boring human being. Aside from being knowledgeable about the things that you write about, you must also have something to share to people that is fresh to the eyes, meaning something that they haven't read or known before. According to some bloggers, there is no topic that is too boring to blog about, If the writing is boring the problem is not the topic, it is the content creator.

* Enjoy writing and get better at it: Consistent practice is the key

For many, writing is an activity that is not that appealing or exciting to do. But as you get to the habit of doing it, writing becomes less daunting and become a more enjoyable task. Keep on writing blogs and articles even if you think that you are just writing trash and not craft. Keep doing it until your skills in choosing the right and appropriate words develops, until you understand deeply the rules of grammar, and master other writing mechanics. It takes time to be good at doing something and practice is the key of it.

* Win the interest and your reader's heart: Do your homework and research

If you have created a blog then you have probably chose a specific niche to write for. Knowing your target audience is very important in blogging and it will make your life easier as a blogger. Identify what your readers want, what catches their attention? and what made them visiting your blog every now and then? Once you find out the answer to these questions you can easily get people read your writing and build your credibility as a blogger.

* Unleash your creative potentials: Learn from the masters

You cannot unleash your creative potentials on your own. You can easily achieve that if you learn from the masters. Read other blogs, take part in forums or leave comments on websites that attracts you. In this way, you can get advice and writing techniques on how other popular bloggers do it, how they successfully increase their connections to their readers.

* Apply a persuasive writing technique in your blog: Develop confidence in writing

One of the mistakes of some bloggers and writers in their writing is that they can't assist in shaping their reader's perceptions. Yes, you present good tips, facts, news, etc. on your blog but there is an important ingredient missing on it - the confidence of the writer. The writing is impressive, the grammar is good, the topic is excellent but the delivery is "so-so". What does this mean? You did a very well-written content but the problem is you fail to show the confidence in your writing. To be a good writer/ blogger, you need to work on your confidence in sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Author Bio:

Gabbie Keegan is a freelance writer and researcher at Bestes Says. She is a communication studies graduate and has a background in creative writing. She writes most about education, writing, and careers. You can visit her personal blog and add her in google+.


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