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How To Build Your Target AUDience From Google Image Search

Google_images Part 1: The Image

Firstly, let’s discuss the quality of the image before we get to the optimization of images. An image must comprise of the following features:

  1. Professional quality: The images that you click and take with your own digital camera are reasonably good but you should try to learn an image editing tool as this will help you to make those images more professional. Besides this you can also search on Google to find the most appropriate images related to your content, and really will get surprised by seeing such a heavy stock of images.

  2. Web quality: There are many image editors that have an option to optimize images for the web. Make use of it otherwise your pages will never load. This optimization of images will compress the size of image without damaging the quality of the image.

  3. Attractive and relevance: There are lots of advertisements that make use of redundant images of beautiful females, but these images are irrelevant. So, don’t make use of spectacular or hot images, instead concentrate on the images that are attractive and relevant to the content.

Part II:

Optimization of images- level 1st

To begin with optimization of images, there are four basic things that one must note:

  1. Name of the file: Change the file names to a relevant name that actually describes its context. For instance, DSCO2569874 is a name of the image that doesn’t describes anything, therefore, it is necessary to change its name to something that is relevant to the content.

  2. Keywords: Remember that keywords are still relevant, you must include the keywords while naming your image. But including keywords doesn’t mean that you include the same keyword many times. You must make use of varied and relevant keywords, think of different ways of putting across the meaning that a keyword conveys. You should use long tail keywords and should also maintain the keyword density.

  3. Alt tag: Google wants to provide an equal opportunity to those with impaired vision or the ones that still operate on a 57K modem. The alt tags should describe the image properly. Try to make this description a little different from the file name.

  4. Caption: It is the visible text description in contrast to alt tag description (which is not) and offers you the opportunity for optimization further. Try to make it different from alt tag description and file name.

What you really desire for is repeat traffic. You should try to convert the visitors to subscribers once you achieve them via image search. To attract them, you can add a line or call to action in your visual. Besides this, you can add the subscription email to the images, so that when these images are shared, people have a source to get in touch with you.

Part III:

Optimization of images- Level 2nd

This is the level two for optimization of images which is distinctly different from the above mentioned steps.

  1. Dimensions: Mention the width and the height of each and every image in your source code. If you mention this, the browser will automatically keep that particular space reserved for downloading it. This is important for the people who access internet on low bandwidth connections. It is really necessary so that you don’t lose the visitors who are impatient.

  2. Territory: You must design your content so that each article has one highly optimized image related to it. If you place lots of images with different keywords, then it might end up weakening the SEO value.

  3. Categorization: The web servers have a separate image directory. If you have different categories of images, then you must add them to their unique directories. This makes it easier for search engines to reach & index them.

Now a days, infographics are the good choice instead of simple images. These infographics are attractive and informative as they comprises of both images and content related to the image.


Author Bio:I am Emma Alice working with SEO Rank Smart from last 4+ years.  I wrote this article to discuss the value of Google Image to get target audience for any business website.

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