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Negative Impact Of Excessive Guest Blogging After Penguin

What’s the negative impact of excessive guest blogging after Penguin 2.1? Guest blogging is a vital marketing means in itself if you’re looking into concrete ways of increasing your readership, building your website’s revenues and keeping a good standing at the search engines. A lot of webmasters use this. This is why many web owners are enticed to follow in their lead.


But for all the wonderful advantages that this strategy may bring, doing it excessively will only halt your progress, stop you from enjoying the benefits of your guest post, and –most likely – may put your online reputation at great risk. That’s where the negative impact of excessive guest blogging after Penguin 2.1 comes in. 

As such, so many people online fail to understand that excessive usage of this virtual marketing strategy will only hurt them in the long run, especially now that Penguin 2.1 is in effect. 

How will this affect you and your website? Here are some important things to ponder:

More Backlinks are Not Useful

There are sites that may mention you, your product or service or your website may not necessarily provide a backlink to you. There are a few reputable sites that do this. It’s not because they do not want you to be in their loop. It’s because they may be taking note of the number of links they place on the same platform.

Taking note of that, you may want to think twice about placing a number of backlinks on the same page, especially if these are posted on the same guest post.

In the same vein, even if you have anchor texts, excessive backlinks won’t do your site good.

Link Velocity is Something You Should Also Check

How fast you get links back to your site may also be a problem if you do a guest post in an excessive manner. The way to work around link velocity is to approach it by slowly building your links online. Smart SEO Consultancy

Remember that your reputation is at stake and it won’t do you good if you get hit by Penguin 2.1. Slow but sure, and posting at relevant and related sites, should help you build your business and grow your audience.


Guest_blogging Bear in mind that your online activity would be monitored if you take the path of doing numerous guest posts just to reach more people and have them come to your site.

The lesson should be simple: The negative impact of guest blogging is the way you choose how to use it and how many times you do so. Don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of fast, easy and more. Use guest posts well and you’ll see that it will work to your advantage.


Author  Bio:My name is Ziya sharma. I am a student at Ohio University and I am studying English, Creative Writing, as well as Editing and Publishing. I am very involved with my sorority and on campus. I love to read and write articles on Niche Guest Post Services on Google Trend topics such as Beauty, Entertainment, Events, Family and Personal, Fashion, Dating, Wedding, Games, Music . Also, I love to spend most of my free time reading anything I can get my hands on.

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