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Pave Your Way to World of Web Design with Knowledge of Programming Languages

Web_design The pace at which the Web has evolved is commendable. The web development, particularly front-end web development has been developed rapidly and has been largely affected by the recent changes in coding techniques and approaches. In 2004, a front-end Web developer should be one who has the hands on experience and knowledge about HTML and CSS, along with somewhat knowledge about JavaScript. With these things, the web developers were able to build up websites, which can be easily viewed on desktop computers.

Not so in 2014! To be a competent front-end web designer or developer, you not only need to be well versed with the above-mentioned languages but also Flash, CSS preprocessors, and newly developed techniques like responsive design and mobile first.

Various colleges offer web designing courses, you can be enrolled to the course of your interest. Besides, there are also a number of ways to become a professional web designer or developer, but the most required things are to learn the basics to enter this highly paying domain and gain the experience, which are needed for more advanced job profiles.



Some may misguide you because What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) programs are so popular these days and you do not need to learn HTML. However, unless you own a business, you will have to learn HTML. HTML gives you the power of understanding the working of web pages to make your designs more effective.

HTML is known as the backbone of the web designing and development industry, and if you know how to put the web pages together, you can come up as a competent web designer or developer. Even those aspirants, who are not planning to do much work outside of a WYSIWYG editor, need to learn HTML to know the basis of their Web pages.



Cascading style sheets or CSS will improve the aesthetic value of your web pages. If you are interested in more web programming than web designing, then also you will be required to learn the functioning of CSS. The web page interacts with the CSS for creating the complete design, and this may become very complicated with time if you are not acquainted with CSS.


Basic JavaScript

The aspiring web designers usually ignore this very important thing in the field of web designing, which is the knowledge of Basic JavaScript. This can certainly hurt in their careers because the market is highly competitive. As a web designer or developer, you may be asked anytime to write a quick validation script or design a rollover image. With the knowledge of JavaScript, you cannot even improve the simpler Web sites, forget the more complicated servers.


PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, or C++

The designing and programming of the web pages start with the languages you chose to use. You can have a number of other options but the most popular one is PHP. Even if you are submitting form, the task will be handled by PHP. Therefore, no matter if it is an interactive website or any other, it would need a database or administration section, which thereby requires PHP programming. You can be the leader if you have the right command over PHP and other languages such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Java, Perl, or C++.

Knowledge of these languages becomes more important if you are aspiring to be a web developer, usually, web designers do not need to learn a programming language. As a web developer, you need to learn a minimum of one such language and make yourself more employable.



With the help of Flash, you can add animation and vector graphics to the website you design. Both web designers and web developers can use this to create interesting websites. The aspiring web designers need to learn the Flash technique to add to their knowledge about design and graphics. Web developers can additionally learn Flash and ActionScript for improving their programming knowledge.


Career options

As a fresher, you can consider looking for common entry-level job titles, such as that of Web designer, webmaster or graphic artist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has forecasted that the careers in Web designing and development, information security analysis and computer network architecture will grow by 22% in the current decade. Some domains, which will have better job prospects, are web designing and developers with expertise in programming and multimedia.


Author Bio: A professional writer, Rashmi Karan writes for the leading education portals for the higher education aspirants on various Topics like Web Designing Courses Etc. Contact her to seek suggestions about the higher education queries.

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