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Recover From Google Penguin Via Content Marketing

Recover Blog From Penguin

Content marketing is one of the essential techniques that help to get more number of visitors to your web sites. When your website was injured by Google penguin update means you have to some important steps to recover your previous position in the search engines. Here’s the simple content marketing technique that will help you to get more traffic to your website after the penguin update.


Create and promote linkable assets

Linkable assets mean that the people will be able to link easily with little or no affiliate encouragement. It will be the resource of your site that can help to link naturally to their site. The following are the linkable assets and at least one of them will be present for any kind of brand.


  • PDF
  • Slide share presentations
  • Whitepaper submitting
  • Infographic
  • Press release
  • How to guides
  • Video marketing. 

Every link assets that has two or more properties that follows.

  • Interactivity- give them interactive content from your experience

  • Usefulness- Try to provide useful info for visitors so that they will visit again and again for your website.

  • Reviews: give a standard review about the latest technology and other niche related to your blog.

  • Emotional impact: your post must have strong emotional impact over to your readers.

Guest blogging

You have to switch your blogging strategy in terms of pure customer acquisition then only you can able to get more number of new visitors to your site.  When involving in this technique you should have some knowledge of SEO tactics. You should explore your thoughts only for customers and not for search engines.

Points to remember:

  • The main purpose of blogging is to capture and maintain attention on the audience and not to sell.

  • You should understand your customer needs and provide your information with some interesting and entertaining one.

  • Connect yourself with your niche related blogs and follow the famous bloggers.

Acquire links from influential platforms

If you getting no follow link to your blog then it has no value in terms link.  Link your blogs in more influential platforms, because it is always better to get 10 high quality links are better than in getting thousand crappy links.

So you have to find the good blogs that more popular among people. Here the few simple ideas:

  • Use Google “Discussions” and “Blogs” searches for finding out which blog are showing up in the top of search results and talked most of the time those are our targets.
  • Choose the topic that has unique and different from already one
  • Consider, for hiring the journalist that's already been published on top of the blogs.
  • Promote your guest post after it is published.

Social Relations

Public relation is very important one for all websites and blogs. Try to maintain good relationship with your audience in the social signals like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Answer the questions that are raised by your customers and be gentle on your answers. Also share your public thoughts on these social media in a gentle way.


Add some guest influencer to your blog

This one has huge value. Most of us are always focused to earn links from guest posting and forget about that the post are actually value for the site too.

Once the bloggers start posting on your blog, then it will be a very easy one to get more traffic and visitors. When choosing the influencer to your website you should consider the following things that are:

  • They have the audience that somewhat related to your topic

  • The audience either large enough or different one from yours that will expand your followers if the influencer works with you.

Build Brand Related Links

When you build links to your website try to consider brand name related links to your website. Or highlight your brand name in the context, it creates brand awareness with your audience as well as brand visibility among the people.


Author Bio

Jessica pretty is the full time blogger and website content writer who loves to share her thoughts on latest changes in the online marketing techniques. She is working in DMC seo training in Chennai institute.

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