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6 Critical SEO Mistakes Committed By Beginners

SEO has outgrown as a basic necessity of every website that wants to gather the attention of an international audience. Irrespective of the amount of time, money and efforts you’ve spent on designing and developing your website, unless and until you make it friendly with the search engines, it won’t fetch you the expected results. It is under such a situation that people feel the need to hire an SEO expert. Well, today there’s a huge majority of graduates that’s choosing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as a career stream. If you too have chosen SEO as your career then it’s mandatory for you to make a note of the silly mistakes that are being committed by beginners in SEO. My aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with 6 of the most critical SEO mistakes that have made beginners lose good projects.


1- Not paying heed to keyword mechanism

random keywrods

It’s the content and not keyword that the readers are looking for. Some SEO beginners ignore this fact and tend to focus on stuffing their content with keywords. Doing this restricts the content from getting noticed by the search engines, which in a way leads to bad search engine ranking of the website. It is essential to realize that keyword distribution within the text should only be taken as a part of SEO activity.


2- Not outsourcing link building

SEO Graphic

Often SEO beginners fail to realize that outsourcing certain parts of the online marketing campaign can be detrimental to the project’s progress. In the wake of performing every single task by themselves, these beginners tend to damage the website’s reputation by not focusing on the link building part. Top-quality backlinks play a vital role in the success of a website and neglecting this very aspect leads to a lower search engine ranking. SEO beginners neglect the importance of building links via social media, guest blogging, story pitching etc.


3- Using same Meta Title and Description for all web pages

Meta Title Search Result

Well, this is one of the most common mistakes committed by almost every newbie in SEO. It is a well-known fact that web pages backed by keyword-rich Meta title and Meta description fare well at the search engines. Some SEO beginners tend to use the same Meta title and Meta description for all the pages within a website. This leads to non-indexing of the website by Google and other popular search engines.


4- Including copied content in the websites

Student in Exam Room

Nowadays, many SEO newbies are making the mistake of copying content from similar sources and modifying the same by replacing works with synonyms. Although this appears as an easy route to impress Google, it actually isn’t. Search engines are intelligent enough in detecting copied content and avoid indexing websites that include content that’s been copied from other sites.


5- Including links from unrelated languages

website subdirectory infographyIf you’re working on SEO for an English website and tend to include links from websites belonging to Russia or Korea, there are chances for receiving a lower search engine ranking on SERP. This is mainly because while crawling your website, Google and other search engines will compare your website’s language with the ones that have linked to you. On finding a mismatch, these search engines will provide a lower ranking to your site.


6- Switching web designs on a constant basis

Scratch Webdesign

This is yet another common SEO mistake that has affected the SEO campaigns of numerous SEO aspirants. As per this mistake, the SEO beginner tends to change the website’s design on a regular basis, thereby altering the site’s overall structure. Google doesn’t prefer indexing websites that have a new design every alternate week. So, it’s better to stick to one design and perform the required SEO activities on it.


Keep in mind that websites heavy on visual features and light on SEO are likely to meet failure. Google won’t befriend you unless and until you undertake special tasks that will grow your site’s potential to become Google’s friend. I hope after learning about the above SEO mistakes, you’ll be more careful in your forthcoming SEO projects and come out with flying colors.

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Author Bio:-Lucie Kruger is a senior web content writer and has years of experience in writing informative articles on App Development, based on the current market trends. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Offshore Mobile App Developer.

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