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Pinterest Announced New Pintit Buttons For Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress And For Wix

Pinterest Lunched New Bookmark Button Yesterday the Pinterest developer team announced very important that launch of the “Pin It” button for Blogger,, Tumblr, and also for Wix. This Pin It button allows your readers to share your posts without leaving your website or blog. It pulls all available images from a post and lets them choose which image to pin.


What Pinterest Collect From Your Website

If someone uses a Pin It button (or other Pinterest widget) on your site, Pinterest can use that info to personalize that person's experience on Pinterest.


Add Pintit Button To Your Blogger Blog

For Blogger, the button is now one of the default sharing buttons. It will automatically pick up the first image in the post.


  1. Build the widget in pinterest widget builder
  2. After you done, Copy the HTML Code and go to your blogger dashboard 
  3. Click the Layout button on the left side of your blog management page
  4. Find a space for your widget and click Add a Gadget
  5. Scroll down and click HTML/JavaScript
  6. In the Content field, paste the code which is you copied from the widget builder.
  7. Click Save
  8. and you're done


To add it on Tumblr, you’ll need to add a JavaScript line. Go to “Customize,” then “Edit HTML” Find the code here.



For, there’s a plugin to install.



For Wix, the button is now native to the page editor. It will create a Pin based off the image and description you specify, and will link back to the page of the site you’re on when you click it.


The pinterest dev. team says it will be adding more integrations in the future as soon as possible. I hope this article is very helpful for our honorable readers. Still need a help get in touch with us via comments box below.


Image Credit Pinterest

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