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How To Create Free Blog On Blogger ( Beginner Guide )

MyBloggerTricks In our Previous article we have talk lot about starting your blogging career, no doubt it’s a better then wasting time on chatting, watching movies and other online activities. BlogSpot let you create a Free blog but comes with it’s own limitation, but for a starter it’s a good idea to create a Blog and get the hitch of Blogging. If you don’t yet have a Google Account and would like to sign up for Blogger, you’ll be creating a Google Account with Blogger as your very first Google product. With the username and password you create, you’ll be able to access other Google products and services, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google+.


Here is the list of steps we need to do


1. Create Gmail Account

2. Create Your Free Blog On Blogger

3. How To Use Blogger Dashboard

4. Create Your First Post

5. How To Add Image In Your Post

6. How To Add Video In Your Post

7. Blog Customization


Create an Gmail account

Go to Google and Create your FREE Gmail Account Now.
Use your Gmail account as a tag or a way to promote yourself. Be creative, use username that can show what is you doing online, Or one that can be used for the product or service that you wish to promote. See the screen shot below for more detail.

Create Your Gmail Account 


and then write captcha words, Select your location and click next step.

Now you must complete your Google plus profile, add photo etc.


Create Your blog on blogger


1. Go to

2. make your sure your gmail account is logged in, if not sign in first and then link your blogger profile to Google Plus.

3. Click Continue


Why You Switch Your blogger Profile to Google Plus

The profile that readers will see when they view your posts is shown below. Using a Google+ Profile gives you an identity on Google properties and connects you with your readers, allowing them to share and recommend your content on the web and on Google+. If you want to use another identity such as a pseudonym, you may choose a limited Blogger Profile instead. More information about profiles on Blogger.


3. After that Click on New Blog Button


Create Your New Blogger Blog


4. Now Choose Your Blog Title and address

Blogger Title and Blogger Address Note:- You can also change your blog address whenever you want by going into your blog setting. We will learn more about the blogger dashboard and blogger setting in our next tutorial. So Keep updated by subscribe us on RSS Feed or like our Facebook Page or Twitter. I Hope Newbie are Enjoy our this blogger beginner guide tutorials. Cheers!!

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