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Publish Your Article Via Symbian SmartPhone (For Wordpress & Blogger)

Blogger Symbian Client Now publish your blogger posts by using a Smartphone (like symbian), you can publish content while you're so far from you pc - as possible as you have a strong signal. Whether you want to produce visual or written content, a Smartphone (Nokia Symbian) can do it, provided that you have the right software. The majority of blogs which are self-hosted will be ever so slightly different, but mostly because it's pretty complicated to format, edit, proof read and publish digital thoughts from a small mobile screen. Many have attempted it and the latest contender, the blob blogger and word press client is better than most.


Blob Client New Features

1. Now Supports word Press Too!
2. Read, Edit, Create posts, delete posts and also comments in different blogs
3. HTML5 enabled Post viewer
4. Add Labels, set custom publishing date and time in posts
5. Comes with one of the best convenient rich text editor ever made
6. A special clipboard manager feature for hardcore blogger
7. Offline reading and offline drafts option
8. Optimized for speed and low data usage
9. Pull to refresh


Free Version

Paid Version


Image Credit:- Symbian Developer

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