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Seven Tips On How To Create Awesome Headlines

MettingWriting headlines for your blog that could hook those readers in an instant is a monumental task. It will determine whether or not you'll make a good impression to your target audience. Thus, creating an appealing one is essential for the sake of your blog's success. Of course, knowing that you need to create a compelling headline and actually doing it are two different things. These seven tips will help you do the latter and hopefully, be able to put them to good use.


1. Be as specific as you can be

Confusing headlines (in the hopes of sounding creative and deep) will not attract a huge number of readers. This is due to the fact that people have limited attention spans, especially when on the Internet. As negative as it might sound, web readers love being spoon fed. If they can't understand the whole point of your article by reading the headline, then you can rest assured that they won't even bother viewing the body of your copy.

Your headline needs to be crystal clear about the topic that you're going to discuss. Squeeze in as much detail as you can on the head. Make use of your keywords and try to ready you're readers for what's about to come.


2. The "What's in it for me?" technique

Most web readers today are benefit-driven. Use this to your advantage by offering something of use to your target audience. For example, tutorials and tips (like this one right here) is a surefire way of hooking eyes online. Starting off with "Ways to" or "How to" will certainly increase your article's flair and readability.

Furthermore, you need to remember that offering something unique and fresh is a must when you're writing for the Internet. The same goes for headline writing. Experiment with different terminologies and word phrasing from time to time and see which works best.


3. Numbers does wonders

People are generally obsessed with numbers. In fact, most writers nowadays promise some sort of list about certain topics and are further improving the hook of their headlines. Go along with the trend and incorporate some math on your head. Just don't forget to deliver when all has been said and done. Otherwise, be prepared to face the ire of your readers.


4. Be a myth buster every now and then

Though it requires a lot of skill to pull off, headlines that promises to debunk a certain belief or ideology can help your blog earn some much needed hits. Make your readers feel that they are being mistaken about something by creating a contradiction on the head of your article.


5. Make your audience panic

One of the most common mistakes that newbie writers do nowadays is creating a headline that feels "laid back". They fail to understand the power and importance of urgency and thus, miss out on people who simply dismisses what they're offering. Veer away from this practice and try to go for a "panic-inducing" headline.

Suggesting to your readers that they're going to create a certain mistake by not reading your post is a surefire way of keeping their interest. Just keep in mind not to scare your readers too much.


6. Adjectives make it all pop-out

Words like unbelievable, stellar and excellent can help your headlines stand out on the Internet. Don't take adjectives for granted because they exist for a very special reason in the world of writing. They make everything appear more exciting, fresh and on action without changing the meaning of the headline.

Making use of adjectives on your headline requires a somewhat personal approach. No one is going to complain about it because what might be unimpressive to you could be out of this world for another person. In short, different strokes work for different folks.


7. Take cues from your daily newspaper

This is a very good technique if you're just starting out as a writer/blogger. Newspaper writers and editors have long perfected the art of creating shocking and beautiful headlines. No one does it better than them! Learn from the masters and you will surely improve your headline writing skills in no time.

As cliché as it might sound by now, headlines really does make or break your article. Your copy isn't going to amount to anything if people didn't give a damn about the title of your topic.


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