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Google Webmaster Tools adds New Feature Block Resources Debug Fetch & Render

Google Webmaster toolsA free tool is better than no tool. Google announced (27 May) on the webmaster central blog that the Fetch as Google feature of Webmaster Tools will now show how GoogleBot would render the page. As expected, Google going to help webmaster determine what JavaScript, CSS, and other resources they are blocking from GoogleBot's crawl.

As a new feature in the Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster Tools, which now has Fetch & Render: Since this feature respects robots.txt, you will see the effects of any images, javascript and css that are excluded from crawling, such as broken navigation.

Fetch as Google


Clicking on Fetch & Render button after adding your website link will give webmasters the option to specify how Google should fetch it, desktop, smartphone or featured phones. Then it will show you a visual representation of what Google renders and more importantly, at  it will show you which resources you are blocking GoogleBot from crawling.


Fetch & Render Tool


Notice what is blocked, all Google resources. :)


We recommend making sure Googlebot can access any embedded resource that meaningfully contributes to your site's visible content, or to its layout. That will make Fetch as Google easier for you to use, and will make it possible for Googlebot to find and index that content as well. Enjoy ! :)

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