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VB.NET: Basic HTML Editor For Blogger Beginner

For the first time ever, our users can use a HTML Editor for checking demos or making blogger widgets offline. Using our HTML Editor, you can create Navigations, Widgets, Blogger Plugins and also can make a  simple web pages. The HTML editor supplies a rich text box for you to enter your raw HTML and a preview button. Its probably not for use by serious developers as actual HTML editor, but both can be starting points for development of such an widget.


  • Open or Edit HTML Files using this program and save them as HTML.
  • Split-Screen Preview lets you view your webpage in a browser right from inside the Code Editor.
  • Support for Windows XP SP3 to Windows 8.1.
  • Support for all versions of IE.

We will also trying to add more features in next few days.


What is an HTML Editor


An HTML editor is a specialized piece of software that assists in the creation of HTML code. Similar to text editors such as Notepad and TextEdit, HTML editors allow users to enter raw text.

Most (if not all) professional web developers use an HTML editor to create and maintain their websites. This is because a good HTML editor can boost productivity enormously.




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Note:- The rich text box only support stylesheet named with sytle.css or you can write a code under the body using “<style> tag. We hope it will fix as soon as possible.

I am sure for newbie bloggers who are looking for an easy and correct way to optimize their blogs widgets, this tool provides an easy option to edit widgets and web pages. Take good care of your loved ones and don't forget to share this exciting free tool with your friends! :)

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