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Twitter Lunched Periscope Video App For Life, Camera And Action

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A Surprise for 288 million monthly active users on twitter, Twitter had launched Periscope, a live, interactive video app that allows you teleport anywhere with a faucet. Broadcast privately to a few people or in public to the globe. Periscope seamlessly integrates with Twitter, therefore you can share videos with your followers in real time. Presently Periscope video app is on market for Apple and Android Users only. Twitter conjointly added group Direct Messages, that allow you to take any public conversation into private, You'll add up to 20 people to a Direct Message at any time. They’ll get a notification that they’ve been included, due to advanced social communication also they're going to expand cluster user limte shortly once receiving feedback on restricted user limit.


The basic feature is for Periscope video app is capture, edit and share, lets take a look at basic app features.


Capture Videos using Periscope

Periscope video app that allows you to instantly capture images and record video on your Smartphone—then share them with anyone. Just hold down the record button to capture what’s happening around you. you can shoot one or more videos to show instantly what important happen around you.


Edit Captured Videos Using Twitter Video App

Create more videos without having any trouble. Superimpose yourself into your videos,  and keep your audience's attention with a variety of Breaking up important news. Editing your video is as quick and easy as drag-and-drop. Rearrange the good ones by deleting unusual clips from captured video until everything is exactly how you want it. It's also designed with the selfie in mind. The camera will default to the front-facing shooter.


easy and quick sharing with just one click away

This is yet another example of a social network making it easier for users to share photos and videos. In what almost feels like an industry-wide push, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have all been building messaging services in which photos are a major means of communication.


As soon as you’re done recording, your screencast video is ready to share with people around the world, within moments of making them. Download the app to get started.


Twitter Changing Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Twitter have made a changes to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, So today, Twitter Support team starting to email users to let them know about some updates to these policies. We know that these types of updates are really important to you, and we want to help you by sharing. Twitter revised their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, effective as of 18 May 2015.


Please read the updated policies and FAQs by following link below, Twitter explaining the revisions. By using their twitter services after 18 May 2015, you must be agree to the revised Terms of service and Privacy Policy.



Starting 18 May 2015, users outside the United States will receive Twitter services from Twitter International Company, based in Dublin Ireland. The features, the look and feel, and everything else you love will not change. Learn more.


Share your views about the twitter video app in the comment box below and share the updates with your social friends. Happy Blogging…!!

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