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5 Apps To Control Your LED Lighting

Whoever would have thought that LED Lighting would take such prominence today in the 21st century. The LED lighting market is filled with a wide variety of options that can light up your home as per your wish and mood. The best part about all this is that now you have the option of controlling the lighting of your home with your fingertips.

The simplicity of now being able to control your lights is an extremely important development and all you need is a smartphone or a tablet to make you the wizard of your own home.  Strip lights like the kind provided by the “Light Rabbit” company have become synonymous with new age lighting. Below we have compiled a list of the 5 apps that can be used to control the lighting in your home via a phone:

Lightwave RF:

Lightwave RF has not only ventured into lighting homes but pretty much into controlling your entire home right from electricity, water, lighting or heating. The company has made quite a name for itself in the American and European markets becoming the number one designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home devices. The best part is their app which allows patrons to control the lighting of their homes via phones and tablets. Smartphones can act a remote of sorts that will help you will you're endeavours related to sensors, heating, and power. There are different choices of lighting one can select wit mood lighting control, dimmers and pre-set lighting combos. One can also set a timer that can be set that will automatically adjust the lighting levels as per the seasons. The app can also control the LED lighting allowing you to rise with a sunrise simulation in a natural way. If there is a presence of group lighting fixtures, then the app can control the scene lighting by automatically dimming and turning on and off the lights. The lightwave RF app also allows you to set your lights and lamp to switch on automatically to deter any thieves or miscreant elements to your home if you are gone on a vacation.

Philips Hue:

Philips Hue is perhaps the most well-known brand when it comes to smart lighting and rightly so. With a host of features and different kinds of lamps, bulbs and other lights like strip are available at Philips Hue. The company’s wireless system allows patrons to not only switch on and off the lights but also dim and change the brightness of bulbs and even customize colours. You have an option to recreate colours within a specific image like a scenery from the Alps or a sunset painting on your wall. The app also allows one to program specific times with the lights for waking everyone up. It also has a party mode for flashing in time with the music you are playing. The cost of Philips Hue may be on the higher side but their huge range of features to control LED lights definitely makes up for it.

Osram Lightify:

The Lightify app is another alternative for customers on a budget. Their wireless system and app allows a wide variety of lighting options ranging from bayonet bulbs, LED strips, garden spotlights to a standard crew and all of them can be controlled with the Lightify smartphone app. One can expect a remote access feature, functionality scheduling, scene and ambience creation. The only feature not present with the app is that you can’t sync your lights to your film or music but within a reasonable cost, Lightify is one of the best range of bulbs present in the market today.


The Swedish furniture giant has been making headway in the smart lighting market and comes with a multitude of options for customers. They have a huge assortment of plug and play kits that range from colour adjustable options to white dimmable options where users have the option of switching between different light types like bright white and warm white. These can be controlled with the help of their apps which allows multiple functions ranging from controlling the setting of lights to adjusting them as per your choice. The Ikea choice of smart lights are well known for their extensive capacity which can range anywhere between 25,000 hours. Apart from the standard app control, there is also a remote control access provided to customers.

Elgato Avea:

The Elgato Avea may be a recent entrant in the smart lighting market but it is no stranger to making brilliant lighting solutions that are available with different preset colour scenes. Elgato Avea lights can be paired via Bluetooth Smart to your android and iOs device and therefore doesn’t require any additional hub connection like wi-fi router. The app is equally easy to use which automatically remembers your light scene so you don’t have to go through the trouble of connecting them every time. There are also 10 different preloaded colour scenes that adjust the lights to your preference with an option to combine multiple bulbs in the same group.

So there we have the 5 best apps to control your LED lighting at home. So what are you waiting for? Pick your choice today.

Image Source: Techadvisor

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