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In business, it is essential to have a competitive drive. It is the only way to build a successful business. Furthermore, another significant aspect of building a successful business is learning, always getting in new skills and knowledge assures fresh ideas and a growth of your business.

When it comes to digital marketing, keeping track of what your competitors are doing is imperative. keeping an eye on competition not only allows you to be aware of what they are up to but it also allows you to learn how you can enhance your own online marketing techniques. In this article, we list down the 6 things that your competitors can teach you about digital marketing. Besides, these ways will be helpful to track, analyze & monitor your competitors.

1. User Experience

Digital Marketing has extensively transitioned into the responsive format to support all screen types & sizes on different types of devices. With the revolution of mobile marketing, the user experience will continue to play a key role in client satisfaction. Making spy on what your competition is doing so that you can stay with the technology advances.

2. Content

Absolutely, you can spy on what your competitors are presenting content as long as you did not plagiarize. So, you can understand more about content marketing if you take a look at what your competitors are publishing. You will realize that how effective your competitors are in content publishing. While you read their articles, you can understand what type of content they point to build specific and which ones their audience prefers. Watching these activities will assist you to understand if there is any hiatus in your content and if so, how you can develop. Register to their mailing lists and follow each & every post that they publish.

3. Traffic

Traffic is a major reason for increasing revenues for the online businesses & organizations. If you discern your competitors landing up with more traffic, you identify that they are doing something right. Although, you can evaluate other website’s traffic using different tools like SEMrush, Similar web, etc. These tools can help know the source of traffic and it’s a sensible decision to invest in the traffic generating directories, blogs and other such roots which have generated traffic for your competition.

4. Company’s culture

Monitoring the competitor's company culture is crucial to learn how they build a good working environment for employees. So, the better & the more comfortable working environment can facilitate the making of creative ideas for their brand message. Is company life more autonomous or collaborative? If they have a small team or a big team, In investigating these things about a competitor you can understand why their employees make the clients come rolling in and how they retain them.

5. Social Media Behavior

Social Media plays a key role in Digital Marketing. So, you must monitor your competitor’s social media behaviour. Which social media platforms are your competitors utilizing? Which content are they providing? Is it links to articles, to videos or to infographics? Are they using their keywords in their social media posts? What about on their social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? So, you must take look at this above metrics. Eventually, look at the groups in which they interact with & get related ones.

6. Branding

Brand consistency is the prime rule of branding, and it is more than just establishing a logo. Digital Marketing mostly turns around building your brand & allowing each part of marketing material complements any other as part of the same brand. Getting an idea of what your competitors are doing and that will assist you to learn how they are building their brand identity on a digital platform. Besides, the way they are projecting their brand & customers are presenting their brand loyalty thereafter will exhibit a lot about their branding process. So, the effective branding will drive to brand loyalty amongst consumers as well, which will increase your sales.


Therefore, remember that the competition is always good for inspiration. Making spy on your competitors is the key to developing your online business. Allot time for at least once per week to do this. So, that you can take an early warning of any new product releases or webinars they might be getting ready to launch.

Author Bio
Subash is a professional Digital marketer, blogger, and trainer who offer Digital Marketing training in Chennai. He loves to share the knowledge about latest Digital marketing trends around the world. He is working as a Digital Marketer at Zuan Education.
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