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One of the building blocks of a successful website is Search Engine Optimization. There is no way a blogger or website owner can forget this internet marketing technique if they want to increase traffic and rank higher on search engines. More importantly, SEO is important for businesses who want to improve their brand’s visibility & online sales. As such, researching and implementing the best SEO strategies for your website is a must. This will help you to attain website authority that’ll help propel your business to a level of success in the online world.

However, SEO is not an easy task that can be mastered quickly. There is a lot involved in it, and despite being divided into on-page and off-page techniques it can be a lot challenging. This leads to many newbies making silly SEO mistakes that could ruin their website. Thus, it is important to be aware of these mistakes and rectify them immediately.

What SEO mistakes do you need to be aware of?

There are quite a few, however, the most common mistakes are over-optimization of keywords, lack of social media presence, slow website speed, broken links, and non-mobile-friendly website. These can affect not only your site’s conversion but also hurt your brand’s reputation.

Not having a responsive (mobile-friendly) website, for example, will lead to you losing out potential customers to your competitors. It could also affect your site’s ranking. Likewise, the lack of a social media profile for business on relevant social platforms also limits your reach and brand visibility. Thus, it is essential to identify these mistakes and fix them post-haste.

To this end, here is an in-depth infographic that provides you with a list of common SEO mistakes which marketers make. So, go ahead and take a look, and for further detail take a look at this article Common SEO Mistakes.

Infograpic: SEO Mistakes

We hope the Infographic will you to identify the mistakes you have and don't forget to share it. Peace & Blessing :)

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